Photo Restoration

Old photographs can hold treasured memories, but as the years pass they often become damaged or faded. I can digitally restore your treasured photographs, whether they are old, faded, water damaged, scratched or just in need of some TLC, giving them the specialist care and attention they need to bring them back to life.

I can improve faded, damaged or torn photographs, remove coffee stains, colour black & white photos, rebuild missing parts, make people smile and open their eyes - and much more!

Please browse through the Photo Restoration Gallery for before and after image examples.

Photo Alterations

"A photo never lies" - well, I help make it tell a few fibs! Let me remove unwanted items, even Auntie Maude, or any distractions, add new people to a photo, change the background, put in a sunset, combine images into one. Most things are possible, let me help to guide you through what is possible.

Please browse through the Photo Alterations Gallery for examples.

Montage & Display

These are an ideal way to capture a special event, whether a wedding, birthday or anniversary. Bring together people from across the generations or add much loved absentees from family photos.

I can work with digital images emailed or uploaded to me, images on a disk or USB memory stick or printed photographs sent to me. I can alter and restore them before being included in your Montage.

A Montage or Display can be any size and include any number of images and will make the perfect personal gift.

Please browse through the Montage & Display examples in the Gallery and give me a call if you have any questions.

Re Colouring Photographs

When we see old photos in black and white, we sometimes forget that life back then was experienced in the same colours that surround us today. Here are just a few examples of mono images that have been coloured, giving them a new lease of life.

Please browse through the Re Colouring Photographs Gallery for before and after image examples.

Faded Photographs

Photographs can fade with age and lose their vibrancy especially if they have been in the sunlight, the colour information may therefore be too damaged to recover. If this is the case the photograph may look better as a monochrome image or even re coloured.

Please browse through the Faded Photographs Gallery for before and after image examples.


Please browse through the Videos Gallery to see moving before and after presentations of some of my work.


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